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      Saskatchewan NAC

      Saskatchewan and Canadian Art - Auction on Now

      The Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting is pleased to host its annual spring Saskatchewan Online Art Auction, with over 300 Saskatchewan and Canadian artworks. Bidding opens May 12th and closes June 5, via our DEDICATED AUCTION WEBSITE and the INVALUABLE...

      Indigeous Art Auction - Ends May 15

      The Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting is pleased to host an auction of First Nations, Inuit and Metis Art, with bidding ending May 15th. 230 artworks are on offer via our DEDICATED AUCTION WEBSITE and the INVALUABLE auction platform. Original...

      ART FOR UKRAINE - Benefit Art Auction Ends May 8th

      Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting is hosting ART FOR UKRAINE, a humanitarian appeal online art auction, with bidding starting April 13th and ending May 8th. Over 130 artworks are on offer.100% of the winning bid for each artwork will go to the...

      Margaret Jessop

      Margaret Jessop was born and raised in northern Manitoba, where she developed an early appreciation for nature.   Jessop studied ceramics and painting...

      Eve Barbeau

      Saskatchewan NAC is very pleased to feature Saskatoon artist Eve Barbeau as a NAC Artist of the Month. Eve Barbeau (formerly Eve Kotyk) was born in 1950...

      A History of the Regina Artist Guilds

        Artist guilds have been a feature of the Saskatchewan art landscape for decades, as groups have come together to build strong communities of painters,...

      Connect With Us

      Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting
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